How To Create A Productive Home Workspace

As we're spending more time working remotely, having a productive home workspace is vital. Here’s how to create one.

Having spent the last couple of years working remotely there’s one thing that is certain – few of us are returning to the office 5 days per week any time soon. With this in mind, it’s important to create a workspace at home where you can feel happy and productive.

If you’re wondering how to make your home workspace better, here’s 7 things you can try today:

1. Dedicated Workspace

If you’re working from home it’s important to find somewhere where you can do real work. This could really be anywhere as long as it’s somewhere you can focus and work uninterrupted.

Ideally it’ll be in a separate room which isn’t used on a daily basis by the rest of your household. However, we don’t all have the luxury of that much space and so a corner of a room may have to make do.

It’s surprising just how little space you really need to create a great home workspace. All you really need is enough space for the next necessity… a desk.

2. Desk

There’s no escaping it, if you’re going to do real work you’re going to need a desk.

It doesn’t need to be big though, just large enough for whatever you use on a daily basis. If you just use a laptop then lucky you, you can get a tiny desk and be just fine. For those of us who insist on working with two monitors and a laptop then we need something larger.

3. Chair

If you’re going to spend the majority of your day sat in a chair then make sure it’s a comfortable one.

It’s surprising just how quickly you can become uncomfortable if your chair isn’t up to scratch. Ideally you’ll need one with a large padded seat and flexible back.

Having one of your office chairs couriered to you would be the best option. However if that’s not possible it’s best to use cushions to make yourself as comfortable as possible and make sure you get up and move regularly.

4. Home Workspace Plants

Whether you’re used to having plants in your office or not, getting some for your home workspace is a great idea.

Office plants are proven to increase productivity, increase creativity and reduce stress.

Spider Plants, Snake Plants, Kentia Palms are all good options – they’ll look great and don’t require much care or attention to keep them alive.

5. Home Office Equipment

It’s really important you have all the equipment you need to do your job. Some people are fine just working off a laptop whilst others prefer external monitors, keyboards, mice / trackpads etc.

There’s no requirement for your employer to supply you with a desk, chair, monitors, keyboard or mouse when asking you to work from home. However if you feel your productivity it being effected it’s best to speak with your manger to find a solution.

6. Diffuser

I mentioned in a previous post how the right aroma can create a positive and productive working environment.

A diffuser is a great way to make your home workspace smell great and get you ready to work.

A mist diffuser paired with Essential Oils such as Peppermint, Lemon or Rosemary will instantly create a more positive home working environment.

7. Headphones

Few things are better at interrupting concentration like the shouts of excited children or day-drinking housemates.

If you live in a busy household a pair noice cancelling pair of headphones may become your best friend.

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