Access better candidates, with startup experience, for your Sales, Account Management and Partnerships roles, across the UK, US & Europe.  

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A few of the 100+ startups we've hired for...

Future unicorns are finding their next sales hires through us, today.

We've spent the last 7 years hiring exclusively for Pre-Seed - Series B startups.

Startup Founders and Sales Leaders were frustrated by the patchy support they were getting from traditional recruiters who didn't understand the nuances of hiring for startups.

By only working with startups, we know what matters the most. We work fast, our processes are efficient and we make impactful hires that stick long term.
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completed hires (Q1 2024)
7 days
average time to shortlist
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Your job is to scale revenue, ours is to find you the people to do it

Startup Founders and Sales Leaders often feel frustrated by slow, inconsistent hiring processes acting as a barrier to scaling revenue. We change that immediately.
Time to hire

Speed matters. Don't let hiring slow you down.

At Hired By Startups, we only have one speed; fast.

We agree deadlines and hold interview slots before starting a search, so we have an agreed timeframe to make each hire.

We complete all searches and provide fully qualified candidate shortlists within 7 days.
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Hires Completed

A hiring partner you can depend on.

We only launch hiring processes when we're 100% confident we can fill the role based on our skills & network, not luck.

We use our market knowledge to help you define your requirements and offering to attract the best available candidates in the market.

We successfully hired 100% of our open roles in Q1 2024.

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whole market view

Hire the best candidate, not the best applicant.

We cover the whole of the candidate market for each role as standard.

This includes our candidate network, referrals, outbound search and advertising.

This ensures each shortlist includes the best available candidates in the market, not just to those actively applying on job boards.
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CV to offer ratio

Optimise your time spent on hiring

Only interview candidates with a high probability of getting hired.

We appreciate hiring is always a time investment, so we want you to only spend that time with candidates who have the highest likelihood of receiving and accepting an offer.

We screen candidates extensively before you see them and our current CV to hire ratio is 3:1.
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Example job description for a sales director.

Startup jobs matched to you

We take the time to understand your job search and what you're really looking for from your next move; job title, remote work, team culture, company mission, salary, benefits and more. We'll match you and your skill set with startups & open positions we think you'll love. We'll present you with multiple roles, then it's up to you which you want to apply for.
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Solving startup revenue challenges, one hire at a time.

Sales Hiring

If you need to increase revenue through net new logo wins, we'll connect you with the best new business sales talent in the market.

Account Managers

If you need to increase existing client revenue and/or reduce client churn, we'll connect you with the best talent at doing just that.


If you're building a partnerships channel and need experienced sales talent in non-direct-revenue roles, we'll get you the best.

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Hire for skills & culture fit

We work closely with every startup we support, ensuring truly we understand the individual culture and values. We then search the whole market, backed up by our 30,000 strong network, to shortlist the best candidates which fit each role and will add to the company's culture.
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Why choose Hired By Startups

We love hiring for startups, it's all we do.

We treat each search with the same degree of respect and professionalism, whether we're working with a solo Founder on their first hire, or hiring AE's for a Series B scale-up.

We believe it takes a very specific type of person to thrive in the often chaotic and unstructured working environment that you'll find in most startups.

By only working with early stage, high growth companies for the last 7 years, we've come to identify the personality traits that make someone well suited to startup life, as well as being excellent in their role as a sales professional.

If you're a startup, hiring sales talent, get in touch.

"Working with Tom to find two specialised outbound sales experts was great.

Right from our first call, he understood exactly what we needed and hit the ground running.

We had been searching on our own for months with no luck, but Tom quickly filled our pipeline with good candidates.

Thanks to him, we filled both positions. We'd happily team up with Tom again!"
George Simpson
Commercial Director

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