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Hiring solutions designed for high growth startups

We help startup Founders hire exceptional talent while saving 50% on time & cost per hire vs agencies and internal talent teams.

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The best hiring solution you've ever used

Exclusively For Startups

We’ve designed our hiring solutions specifically to help rapidly growing, disruptive technology startups & scale-ups like yours quickly hire the very best people.

Flexible Hiring Support

Our hiring solutions work around you. Need to hire a Head of Product, double the size of your sales team or rapidly scale multiple functions? We’ve got you covered.

Fixed Hiring Cost

We charge a low fixed fee per hire rather than % of salary or recurring subscription fee. Most startups save over 50% on their average cost per hire with us!

Culture Fit Focused

We take culture fit really seriously and go beyond CV’s to explore who candidates really are, evaluating their personality against your culture to ensure a perfect fit.

Candidate Ownership

Unlike recruitment agencies, we give you ownership of each candidate you receive from us. You can hire them in the future with no further fee or need to let us know.

Reduce Hiring Time

Focusing exclusively on candidate resourcing means we can maximise our value add. This means we can hire faster, reducing your average time to hire by over 50%.

How we compare

Fixed cost per hire
Guaranteed priority
Your employer brand
Candidate ownership
Hiring tools included
Total flexibility
Internal TA Team
No cost per hire
Assumed priority
Your employer brand
Candidate ownership
No hiring tools
No flexibility
Traditional Agencies
High cost per hire
No priority
No employer brand
No ownership
Limited hiring tools
Limited Flexibilty
We'll integrate our hiring processes into yours, so however you like to work, whatever systems you use, we'll help you increase the quality and speed of hiring for your startup.
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"We had been searching on our own for months with no luck, but Hired By Startups quickly filled our pipeline with good candidates. Thanks to them, we filled both positions."
George Simpson  -  Commercial Director @ Togather
“During our 3-month onsite hiring project, Hired By Startups hired many positions and also left us with a pool of candidates for future roles. I won’t hesitate to recommend them to any early-stage startups looking to hire rapidly and keep their community of applicants in-house.”
Jessi Baker – Founder @ Provenance
Average CVs sent to Hire ratio
7 Days
Average time to shortlist delivery
Open hires completed (Q1 2024)

Exclusively for startups

We've worked with startups at every stage, from helping pre-Seed Founders hire their first Marketing Exec through to building entire marketing teams for Series B scale-ups.

As startup recruiters, we specialise in hiring across Marketing, Sales, Operations and Customer Success at every level, from Graduate to Senior Leadership.

Ready to make hiring your competitive advantage?

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Your dedicated hiring partner

We’ll ensure each candidate is a great fit for your culture as well as the specific role requirements.
Each candidate is interviewed at least twice by our team to ensure you’re only speaking with the best.
We’re highly targeted, identifying and engaging the best candidates across the whole market for each role. 

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