Elder (Elder Technologies) is a rapidly growing technology startup building the world’s first true alternative to the care home, They’re disrupting the care industry by connecting those in need of live in care(the elderly & their families) with professional live-in carers.

Founded in December 2015, the company was post-Series A with circa £7m in VC funding and 28 employees at the beginning our hiring project.


To meet their ambitious growth targets and have a positive impact on as many people in need of care as quickly as possible, Elder needed to scale hiring rapidly.

Traditionally, they had juggled multiple traditional recruitment agencies and struggled to get the results they needed whilst paying excessive fees for each new hire. With no visibility into the agencies work, unsustainable hiring costs and little control over Agencies’ use of their employer brand, a new solution was required and so Hired By Startups was engaged to help.


During the initial consulting phase of the project, before being fully engaged, Tom Ladds (Founder, Hired By Startups) worked with Pete Dowds (CEO & Co-Founder) and Tom Brooks (Co-Founder, Elder) to establish a picture of current challenges, create a clear set of objectives and key results and define how these would be measured.

Upon being engaged, Hired By Startups immediately mobilised one of it’s experienced consultants to move onsite with Elder and work as their dedicated Hiring Partner, working in their office full-time, 5-days per week.

The Hiring Partner, began by meeting with each hiring manager to gain an overview of their hiring requirements and then worked with Pete and Tom to create a full hiring plan, creating a scalable recruitment process, prioritising hires and eliminating the need for external agencies.


Hired By Startups immediately began to produce results, with a Head of Customer Experience being hired within the first 2 weeks of the project commencing and a Frontend Developer following soon after.

During the course of the 6 month project, Hired By Startups made 22 hires for Elder across all business functions and at every level from graduate level Customer Success Execs to a Head of Product. Elder’s cost per hire was reduced to under £2500 (on average) and the time per hire was reduced to approximately 2 weeks (on average, from start of search to candidate’s offer acceptance).

The project concluded with the mutual decision that Elder’s onsite Hiring Partner would transition from a member of the Hired By Startups team to a full-time Elder employee to lead their long term talent acquisition strategy.


As CEO & Co-Founder of Elder, hiring is always a main priority and in the past we have juggled multiple traditional agencies and struggled to get the results we need. Hired By Startups has enabled us to reduce this to one onsite consultant who delivers multiple hires per month (average 3-5 hires per month)across every function at every level, from Junior Sales Associates to Front &Backend Developers to our Head of Product

It’s rare to work with a recruiter so capable of consistently delivering results, particularly as our average cost per hire is so low. We’ll definitely continue to work with Hired By Startups and I suggest other startups serious about building their own teams do so too.

Pete Dowds - CEO & Co-Founder, Elder

Hired By Startups is one of the best recruitment solutions we’ve ever used. As a growing startup, we need to rapidly source, engage and recruit the best talent and Hired By Startups have enabled us to do just this.
Having a hiring partner working onsite with us has been hugely beneficial. We’ve seen our average time to hire more than half and our cost per hire is a fraction of what it was when we were working with traditional recruitment agencies.

I highly recommend Hired By Startups to any startups looking for a trusted partner to help them rapidly hire great talent

Tom Brooks - Co-Founder, Elder

As CTO, hiring exceptionally talented developers is my main priority. Previously we had used a variety of traditional recruiters and failed to see the quality or quantity of candidates needed. As soon we started working with Hired By Startups I saw an immediate boost in our hiring pipeline and within a few weeks we had hired a new Frontend Developer, with further Frontend and Backend hires soon following. It’s rare to find a onsite recruiter so capable of hiring for tech roles.

Kristian Feed - CTO, Elder Technologies

Key Stats

Project length: 6 months

Total hires made: 22

Functions hired: Tech, Project, Sales, Marketing, Ops, Finance

Average cost per hire: £2500

Average time to hire: <2 weeks

Most Senior Hire: Head of Product

Next Steps

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